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Land|Constructional|464 m2

Ljubljana city, Vič-Rudnik, Rožna dolina

Price: 550.000 €+ vat

A unique opportunity to buy a townhouse villa in Rožna Dolina, Podrožnik together with a prepared project for a unique luxury villa as a replacement construction.

Basic information about the property: in the most beautiful green city of Ljubljana, opposite of the protocol building Vila Porožnik, in a sunny location (SW orientation), a building plot of 464 m2 is available. It is the last property to have its own entrance directly on the main road. For the purpose of a replacement construction, a preapproval before the decision of the City of Ljubljana was obtained for the construction of luxury villas (twins). It is possible to completely adapt the project based on the customer's wishes and needs. As an option, there is an already designed project for the renovation/replacement construction of a villa, which is justified in such a way that it will stand out for the architectural uniqueness but also of quality execution in the choice of modern materials and technologies.

The location itself offers an intimate green environment, follow this for a few minutes walk from the city center. In its vicinity, there is a prestigious villa, embassy, ​​protocol facility of the Republic of Slovenia, numerous recreational trails in Rožnik, Tivoli Park, ZOO Park in important centres.

More about the property: Underground construction is not problematic. Two basement floors are planned/allowed, three floors with a large flat roof in the form of a terrace. The terrace at the top offers an unlimited view of Ljubljana. The preapproval of the City of Ljubljana allows 898 m2 of gross area of which up to 560 m2 for residential usage. The design within the permitted limits allows for an abundance of finishing touches and adjustments to the customer's wishes within the existing dimensions of the building. It is allowed to place two completely separate units or one sensibly connected unit.

VAT is not included in the price.

The Domus Conclusus project is a genuinely uniquely designed urban villa, an intimate oasis that turns the complexity of the location to its advantage, while offering residents complete privacy in the embrace of a green garden just a step away from the city centre. The project contains many unique solutions, from the entrance to the plot, where the classic yard and parking lot are skillfully and elegantly placed under the building (basement floor). The entire surroundings of the building are covered with elegant combined landscaping, which hides traces of concrete and its surroundings. The ambient diversity winds from the entrance to the residential part through all floors, which with a floor plan creates bays and completely private atriums all the way to the terrace, where the view opens wide all the way from Rožnik across Rožna dolina to Ljubljansko barje and there to the city center. The two units are intertwined in such a way that they can live completely separate lives, or they can be connected or transformed completely according to your wishes.

The architecture of the building, which is not a condition for construction, was designed by renowned architect Andrej Mercina from the architectural bureau TRIIIJE, who creates unique spatial designs based on more than 60 years of tradition, based on the intertwining of tradition and modernity.

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  • 464 m2
  • PP28486
  • Exempt
  • New (building)
  • Unfurnished
  • Luxury
    • Nice view
    • Close to nature
    • Very sunny
    • Tip-top
    • Designer
    • Art
  • Ambient
    • Nice view
    • Close to nature
    • Very sunny

Price: 550.000 €+ vat