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Land|Constructional|6.473 m2

Ljubljana surroundings, Vrhnika, Bevke

Price: 550.000 €+ vat

VRHNIKA, BEVKE, 6.473 m2, land suitable for investment - land with final building permit for 8 detached houses, for sale. Price for the project land: 550,000 EUR + VAT

Basic information about the property: in a sunny location near Ljubljana, the possibility of building eight units of three different types, namely:

4x Type A: 193.65 m2 net, 265.75 m2 gross P + M
3x Type B: 132.09 m2 net, 164.92 m2 gross P + M

Auxiliary facilities: covered parking spacefor 2 cars 25,90 m2 and tool shed 11,20 m2 - total 37,10 m2

Additional information on land: land register in order, close to all infrastructure, AC 5.5 km.

All the infrastructure in the immediate vicinity and obtained a valid building permit for the project Barjanska hiša!

More about the ˝Barjanska hiša˝ project:

The new settlement of family houses will be located on the edge of the old village of Bevke, offering spectacular views of the Marshes plain and the Karst edge in the distance. Single-family homes adapted to modern lifestyles combine the latest scientific knowledge and the old wisdom of construction.

Houses A are derived from a traditional barn houses with a large abandonment all along the south side, which prevents the summer sun from entering, leaving low rays deep in the winter. The wooden pier, a kind of bridgehead along with the whole house, is not only the communication axis but the life spine of the house. It features all the key features from the garage at the beginning through the main entrance, the dining area to the living room and the garden at the end. The pier is raised half a meter from the ground, which gives the impression of hovering and at the same time allows sitting in the garden the entire length of the house. Mostišče literally bridges the difference between the road and civilization on the one hand and the marshes and nature on the other.

The lobby is an intersection connecting the exterior and the interior, the living area with the sleeping part of the house below and above. From the lobby, the central inner axis of the house opens with a view and overlooking the bogs, which takes us past the restrooms, dressing room, kitchen and dining room into the living room. Open fire place in the axle is a key highlight of the house, which vertically enhances the horizontal of the bar. Such a hearth complements the water character of the surroundings and gives the house not only warmth but warmth.

Additional project options: Each house could have some special and personal characteristics and, in cooperation with the owners, specially designed and tidy equipment, which would allow each family to have their own home in a single settlement. The building permit has been obtained, and this difference in details could be made with the known owners at the stage of the project (PZI) and the equipment project.

The project was prepared by the famous Slovenian architects of the Odprti krog Bureau, Mr Gasper Drašler and Mr Janko Rožič. The Swamp House is a beautiful blend of modernity and tradition, universal and local, and has always attracted a great deal of attention at fairs and catalogues. The location of the settlement on the edge of Bevk overlooking the Barje is also remarkable. With the realization of the settlement in Bevke, Hostel Celica and the Art Center in Ljubljana, the Youth House in Ajdovščina, the Raduha House in Luče, Nova Rinki in Solčava and others would be joined by another beautiful Open Circle project.

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  • 6.473 m2
  • PP28455
  • Connectors
    • Electricity
    • Water

Price: 550.000 €+ vat