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About us

About us

The company RONI estates LTD, based in London, UK is specialized in the area of mediation and consulting in the sale or rent of all types of real property (houses, apartments, business premises, plots of land). We work closely with our partner company RONI nepremičnine d.o.o, Ljubljana – Slovenia, which also deals with property transactions. We offer our clients a wide range of real estates in Slovenia with a trust-worthy team of real estate experts. They listen to your wishes and enable a safe purchase or sale of your real estate. Agents are professionally qualified and hold a real estate license required to perform property related services, and are also listed in the real estate agent directory. All legal documents are composed by a licensed legal expert. Roni estates does NOT have CMP.

The offer also includes interesting investment projects, currently in the following locations, in particular: Slovenia, Croatia. Together with other partners, we offer comprehensive support and transparency of operations.


Our vision

  • Our company's vision is to provide excellent services on the market, seek new business opportunities and strive for ongoing development.
  • We aim to please our customers and conclude successful property deals.
  • We want our company to grow and operate in a positive work environment.
  • Our goal is to do business with the best of business partners.

Rok Hudnik


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Rok Hudnik, Degree in Public Administration, director of Roni estates, LTD, registered in London, UK. I am in charge of management and financing. Proper orientation of the company in today’s unstable market conditions represents a great challenge to me. I like to work with people, to offer my knowledge to them and to learn something new from them.

Nina Hudnik



Viber:+386(0)31 722 293

Nina Hudnik, Master’s degree in Business Studies, real estate agent (licence no: 01372), director of Roni nepremičnine, d.o.o., Slovenia. Introduction: I have been engaged with the company Roni nepremičnine, d.o.o. since its very foundation. Working with people is fulfilling and exciting. Daily business in the real estate agency is diverse, full of new challenges and knowledge.


Our partner in agency

We have the know-how and a responsible team of property agents. We are aware of how important your safety is during the sale or purchase of your property.

Why choose us?


We are professional

We have the know-how and a responsible team of property agents. We are aware of how important your safety is during the sale or purchase of your property.


We operate internationally

After seven years of providing our services on the Slovenian property market, we have decided to expand our operations to foreign markets. For this purpose, we established Roni Estates Ltd. to connect with international partners.


We respond fast

We will gladly answer your questions by e-mail, but you can also contact us on telephone or via Skype. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.


Swift conclusion of the deal

We are aware of how important a smooth procedure is for the sale or purchase of your property. Our know-how and experience guarantee fast procedures and a swift conclusion of the deal.


We adapt to your schedule

Modern life is often hectic and our leisure time very precious. We will adapt to your schedule and not interfere with your leisure time.


Your safety is of paramount importance to us

Before and during the sale procedure we will check all of the details to avoid any difficulties or damages. We will inform you of all the details in advance.